Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

5.1 Ashok is sitting at the table, reading the paper. The cablewallah is standing in front of him. “It’s all done, sahib” he says, “There was a loose connection…”
5.2 Ashok looks up, bored, “OK, how much?” “No, no sahib, no money required. This is Bhabhiji’s house.”
5.3 “Yes, but you need to charge your fees!” says Ashok. “It’s OK sahib, I will settle it with Bhabhi… she has a running account with me. Can I have a glass of water please?”
5.4 Ashok has resumed his seat at the table and is reading the paper. “What a funny guy! Doesn’t want to be paid!” he’s thinking. The cablewallah is sitting on the sofa in front of the TV, a glass of water in his hand. His eyes are a bit glazed as an image of Savita’s face stuffed with his cock pops into his head. “Oh Bhabhi… why did you have to go away…”