Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

4.1 Ashok is sitting at the table with a cup of coffee and a newspaper in his hand. “She had to go away on the one day that I am free!” he says to himself. The doorbell rings.
4.2 Ashok opens the door to find the cablewallah standing outside. He looks surprised to see Ashok, and is looking over his shoulder to see if someone is behind him. “Who are you?” asks Ashok. “Is Bhabhiji at home?” asks the cablewallah at the same time.
4.3 The cablewallah is still craning his neck to see behind Ashok. “No, she’s away for the day. What do you want?”. “I’m the cablewallah… Bhabhi asked me to come over to service her… er.. set top box.”
4.4 “OK, come in.. over there,” says Ashok, pointing towards the TV, as the cablewallah walks in looking very dejected.