Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 30

savita bhabhi

30.1 Ashok sitting on the sofa, thinking to himself, “What wierdos I’ve met today! Savvi must be keeping them on a tight leash, no wonder they are reluctant to accept money from her husband!”
30.2 Face of cablewallah dreaming of a topless, salwar-clad Savita lying in bed.

30.3 Face of raju the store-keeper dreaming of Savita with her kameez raised up her salwar at her feet, her buttocks sticking out.

30.4 Face of kulfiwallah dreaming of Savita wearing a low-cut blouse, her sari on the floor, inserting a kulfi into her pussy.
30.5 Savita, modestly dressed in a sari, at her mother’s house, thinking, “I hope everything’s all right at home…” THE END