Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 29

savita bhabhi

29.1 Dream shot. The kulfiwallah is ejaculating his load onto a kulfi that Savita is holding in her hand, same posture in front of him as before. “Here I cum!!!” he screams.
29.2 Close up shot of kulfi stick in Savita’s hand, laden with cum. Savita is licking the cum off the kulfi. “I just love malai kulfi!” she says.

29.3 Back to reality, in the past. Savita is saying to the kulfiwallah, “That was a nice kulfi. Now off you go!” while thinking, “This kulfiwallah is a real horny bastard! The way he stares at me while I eat kulfi.. I wonder what dirty thoughts are crossing his mind!”

29.4 Back to reality, in the present. The kulfiwallah with a thoughtful distant look on his face says softly, “Yes, memsahib loves malai kulfi…”

“OK, OK, but I prefer pista,” says Ashok. “How much for the kulfi?”

29.5 “No no, sahib… how can I take money from you! You are Bhabhi’s husband, she already gives me enough… business,” says the kulfiwallah as he is walking out of the door.

“What the…” says Ashok, scratching his head.