Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

28.1 Dream shot. The kulfiwallah is standing naked, his cock standing erect in front of him. He is holding a kulfi in each hand (different flavors) next to his cock, the cock being in between the kulfis. Savita is “standing” on her knees in front of him wearing a low-cut blouse, her mouth level with his cock & the kulfis, her hands grasping his buttocks.

28.2 Close-up shot. Savita takes kulfi in her mouth
28.3 Close-up shot. Savita takes cock in her mouth.
28.4 Close-up shot. Savita takes other kulfi in her mouth.
28.5 Close-up shot, slightly bigger. Savita’s mouth is back on his cock. “Mmmm…” she says, “I think I like the middle one’s taste best!”