Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

1.1 8 AM in the Morning… Ashok is lying in bed, having just woken up, his head tilted to his side, says “Savvi darling…” A hard-on is visible in his pyjamas. The place by him is empty.
1.2 “Ah.. she must be in the bath,” he says to himself, one hand beginning to slide under his pyjamas.
1.3 Image of Savita soaping her breasts as she stands under a shower pops up in Ashok’s mind.
1.4 “It’s a holiday today; maybe I should give her a quick fuck. Poor woman, I’ve been so busy of late, she’s not been laid for months,” he thinks as he strokes his penis with one hand. “She must be starved!”