Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 26

savita bhabhi

26.1 The kulfiwallah brightens up a bit. “Can I offer you a kulfi, sahib?”
“OK, it’s a hot day! Come inside,” says Ashok
26.2 Small frame: In the living room. The kulfiwallah hands over a pista kulfi to Ashok

26.3 Small frame: Ashok takes a lick. “Hmmm.. it’s really good!” he says.
26.4 The kulfiwallah says dreamily, “Memsahib loves malai kulfi…”
Bubble image of Savita pouting her lips and bringing a kulfi close to her mouth, the kulfiwallah staring at her breasts and saying to himself, “Suck on it, bhabhi…”

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